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Attack of the Martians Expanded

Eccentric Orbit – Attack of the Martians (Eccentric Orbit, 2004/2014)

Although Attack of the Martians was released in 2004, this is a review of the 2014 reissue that includes a 10:12 bonus suite titled The Day the Earth Stood Still. Eccentric Orbit plays instrumental progressive symphonic rock inspired by Science Fiction.

What immediately stands out is that this band is keyboard-focused, featuring two keyboardists and no guitars. The sounds is characterized by abundant use of mellotron, vintage synthesizers and organs; wind-controlled synths; throbbing, heavy Magma-style distorted bass; and drums. There are references to early 1970s Emerson Lake and Palmer and King Crimson as well as traces of jazz and space music, especially on the hypnotic “Forbidden Planet”.

The lineup on Attack of the Martians includes Bill Noland on bass; Madeleine Noland on wind synthesizers, keyboards; the late Mark Cella on drums; and Derek Roebuck on keyboards.

The lineup on the bonus tracks varies a bit. It features Tom Benson on electric violin and guitar synth; Bill Noland on bass; Madeleine Noland on wind-controlled synthesizers; and Rick Landwehr on drums.

Attack of the Martians is an excellent progressive rock album made even better with the addition of a lengthy musical suite.

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Epic Compositions and Vintage Sci-Fi Atmospheres

Eccentric Orbit – Creation of the Humanoids

Eccentric Orbit – Creation of the Humanoids (EOCD2, 2014)

The second album by Massachusetts-based band Eccentric Orbit showcases an exciting collection of high intensity instrumental progressive rock pieces that incorporate various influences, ranging from virtuosic symphonic rock and space rock to electronic sounds inspired by classic sci-fi movies.

Madeleine Noland’s keyboards play an essential role in the band’s sound. She uses synthesizers, mellotron, organ and wind synth. The band recently added Tom Benson, an electric violinist who also plays guitar synth and MandoBot (electric mandolin), creates outstanding solos and develops exciting interplays with the keyboards. Meanwhile, Bill Noland’s bass generates vibrant creative lines along with Rick Landwehr’s drums.

The fascinating album artwork includes vintage sci-fi movie posters and robots making music.

Creation of the Humanoids is an exceptionally good progressive rock album with epic compositions and vintage sci-fi atmospheres.

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