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Ghosts Don’t Dance with Shoes

Tree Tops – Ghosts Don’t Dance with Shoes (indie release, 2017)

Ghosts Don’t Dance with Shoes is the debut album by a very promising rock band from Knoxville, Tennessee called Tree Tops. Their sound is an exciting mix of guitar-led jam rock, progressive jazz-rock, funk and even some occasional Frank Zappaesque humor and zaniness.

The band’s line includes Jon Mann on drums and percussion; Cory Smith on guitar and vocals; David Webb on guitar and vocals. Additional musicians: Chris Pope on keyboards and Jack Willard on bass.



Buy the digital download edition of Ghosts Don’t Dance with Shoes. The CD is available from treetopsmusic.bandcamp.com.

Enthralling Whiskey Mountain Sessions

Hillmen - The Whiskey Mountain Sessions (Firepool Records, 2011)
Hillmen – The Whiskey Mountain Sessions (Firepool Records, 2011)
The Whiskey Mountain Sessions contains a series of lengthy jams by Hillmen, a band that features two members of progressive rock band Djam Karet. These recordings made in a studio, but they were recorded live, without any overdubs. Although the band calls their still free improvisation, don’t think about hard to digest free jazz. Instead, Hillmen advance the music using blues, jazz-rock, psychedelia and progressive rock elements.

Hillmen use a mix of vintage and modern music instruments to develop their jams. The lineup on The Whiskey Mountain Sessions includes Pete Hillmen on drums, Gayle Ellett (Djam Karet) on organ and electric piano, Mike Murray (Djam Karet) on guitars, and Ralph Rivers on bass. Two guests appear on a handful of tracks: Steve Re on bass and Brian Carter on acoustic piano.

The Whiskey Mountain Sessions is a captivating demonstration of the progressive side of jam rock.

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