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The Diverse Influences of The Sea Within

The Sea Within – “The Sea Within” (InsideOut Music, 2018)

The word supergroup gets thrown around a lot, although in the case of new and The Sea Within it’s real. The Sea Within brings together a multinational cast of musicians who have performed with high profile progressive rock acts: guitarist and vocalist Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings, Transatlantic); bassist Jonas Reingold (The Flower Kings; keyboardist and vocalist Tom Brislin (Renaissance); drummer and vocalist Marco Minnemann (Steven Wilson, The Aristocrats); and vocalist and guitarist Daniel Gildenlöw (Pain Of Salvation).

The five musicians have put together an excellent recording featuring charismatic and nuanced vocals and top of the line instrumental musicianship. Although the album contains plenty of state of the art progressive rock, featuring memorable guitar and keyboard solos, outstanding vocals and a formidable rhythm section, there is also classic and hard rock and even pop. The dreaded word metal has been thrown around in some of the press releases but, thankfully, it’s barely perceptible.

The album features well-structured songs and some jams, where the band members and their guests get to showcase their talent.

The lineup includes Marco Minneman on drums, percussion, vocal, and guitar; Jonas Reingold on bass; Tom Brislin on keyboards, vocals; Roine Stolt on guitars, vocals, and additional keyboards; Daniel Gildenlow on vocals & additional guitar; and Casey McPherson on vocals.

Guests include Jon Anderson on vocals on Broken Cord; Jordan Rudess on Grand Piano on The Hiding of Truth; and Rob Townsend on soprano saxophone on The Ashes of Dawn.

The album was recorded in London to facilitate travel for all musicians. Jonas lives in Austria, Daniel and Roine are in Sweden, Tom is based in the East Coast of the United States of America, whereas Marco is on the West Coast of the U.S.

The Sea Within will make its stage debut at ‘Night of the Prog’ in Loreley, Germany, July 13-15, 2018 and will feature special guests.

The album is available in CD (with a bonus CD), vinyl and digital formats.

The Sea Within presents impeccable examples of progressive rock craftsmanship.

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Significant Dot

Karmakanic – Dot (InsideOut Music, 2016)

One of the great Swedish progressive rock bands is back with a superb album titled “Dot.” How can you go wrong with a 23-minute suite titled “God, the Universe and Everything Else No One Really Cares About, Part 1”. The album was inspired by a text by the famous American author and astronomer Carl Sagan where he talked about how small and insignificant we are in this massive universe.

The first track on Dot is a brief sound effect intro that leads into the monumental piece ‘God Part 1.’ This suite uses the pop-style vocal hooks used by progressive bands like Big Big Train and Echolyn featuring beautiful male/female vocal harmonies and state of the art instrumental symphonic progressive rock sections that showcase the talent of Karmakanic’s members. It’s packed with masterful keyboard and guitar work.

Track 3, ‘Higher Ground’ begins with more of the happy pop vocal music sensibility although the band shifts to full progressive rock mode on the second part of this 10-minute piece, with memorable guitar, piano, and synth melodies and a beautiful harmony vocal conclusion.

‘Steer By The Stars’ is a much shorter song that feels like a classic rock song with sing-along vocals. It has a Todd Rundgren feel on the vocal side. “This 4-minute song stands in contrast to the 30 minute epic that is on the album,” says band leader Jonas Reingold. “I like the Yin and Yang philosophy; dark, bright, complex, simple. It has always been a real thread throughout the musical history of Karmakanic. It showcases Göran Edman at his best, Gentle Giantish vocal harmony arrangement with a stunning lead performance. This is also my very first compositional collaboration with my long time buddy Andy Tillison, he also recorded some awesome Hammond organ for the track. Start the engines and steer by the stars, it might take you to places never seen before.”

Track 5 begins with a lovely fretless bass melody. It’s a brilliant song with epic guitar and notable lead and harmony vocals.

The album ends with ‘God Part 2’ which begins with cinematic orchestration that leads into ballad-style vocals. The piece builds up very nicely with drums, synths, jazz-style fretless bass and vocals. The final part is an epic conclusion with majestic keyboards and electric guitar solo.


The lineup on “Dot” includes Jonas Reingold (The Flower Kings) on fretted and fretless bass, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards and vocals; Göran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen) on lead vocals; Morgan Ågren (Casualties Of Cool, Frank Zappa, Steve Vai) on drums; Lalle Larsson (Agents Of Mercy) on keyboards; Nils Erikson on lead vocals; Andy Tillson on Hammond organ; Krister Jonsson on electric and acoustic guitars; Andy Bartosh on electric guitars; Ray Aichinger on saxophone and flute; Christine Lenk on backing vocals; Alex Reingold on backing vocals; and Norah Reingold on backing vocals.

The album artwork for Dot was developed by Hugh Syme, who has in the past made covers for Rush, Aerosmith and Iron Maiden. The album is available as a CD/DVD with live performances from Rosfest 2012, The Making Of Dot and Interviews; vinyl LP with CD; and digital download.

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