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Mesmerizing Mix of Prog Rock and Electronica

Leon Alvarado – 2014 Music from an Expanded Universe (Leon Alvarado / Melodic Revolution Records, 2014)

Although this album is listed as progressive rock, I would categorize it as a progressive music albums that brings together prog rock and electronic music.

Throughout 2014 Music from an Expanded Universe you’ll find sections with ambient sounds, orchestral keyboards, Berlin-style sequences and synth melodies along with powerful sections featuring Alvarado’s drums, Trey Gunn’s bass and Warr guitars, and Jerry Marotta’s Taos drums.

Other guests include the ambient music duo known as Cyber Zen Sound Engine who contribute atmospheric guitars and keyboards.

Overall, 2014 Music from an Expanded Universe has a trance-like effect, whether its ambient textures or looped up-tempo patterns.

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Leon Alvarado’s Space Odyssey

Leon Alvarado - The Future Left Behind
Leon Alvarado – The Future Left Behind

Leon Alvarado – “The Future Left Behind” (Melodic Revolution Records, 2016)

The Future Left Behind is an ambitious science fiction concept album by multi-instrumentalist Leon Alvarado. The Future Left Behind brings together narrated sections about a future human civilization in space and instrumental progressive rock.

Throughout the album, a narrator describes the new colonies and outposts in space, interspersed with instrumental sections that range from upbeat progressive rock to fascinating cinematic episodes.

Leon Alvarado
Leon Alvarado

Alvarado plays keyboards and drums. He’s joined by former Yes musicians Rick Wakeman, who delivers a great Moog synths solo; and the hard working Billy Sherwood on guitars. Johnny Bruhns plays acoustic guitar on one piece. The narrator is Steve Thamer.

The CD version of the album includes stunning sci-fi artwork.

The Future Left Behind