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The Neal Morse Band Powerhouse Live

The Neal Morse Band – The Similitude of a Dream: Live in Tilburg 2017 (Radiant, 2018)

The Similitude of a Dream: Live in Tilburg 2017 is a four disc set with two audio CDs and two DVDs featuring the powerhouse progressive rock act The Neal Morse Band. The band did a worldwide tour in 2017 and this performance in Tilburg (The Netherlands) is a live presentation of the concept studio album The Similitude of a Dream that was released in 2016.

On The Similitude of a Dream: Live in Tilburg 2017 you’ll find five outstanding instrumentalists. The music is a combination of epic progressive rock, classic rock and Christian ballads. The instrumental passages are top notch, with brilliant ensemble and solo work and the climactic sections that progressive rock fans enjoy so much. The vocal parts, on the other hand, are catchy, with plenty of pop hooks and sing along sections.

Religion plays an important role in Neal Morse’s life. The Similitude of a Dream is loosely based on a Christian allegory by John Bunyan called The Pilgrim’s Progress. This means that you’ll find Christian lyrics and messages throughout the album. I don’t think Neal Morse is trying to push any agenda, it is just a reflection of his current stage in life.

The lineup includes Neal Morse on lead vocals, keyboards, and guitars; Mike Portnoy on drums and vocals; Randy George on bass, bass pedals and vocals; Bill Hubauer on keyboards, mandolin, saxophone and vocals; and Eric Gillette on guitars and vocals.

The set is also available on Blu-Ray and digital download audio.



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Spoke of Shadows’ Hybrid Progressive Music

Spoke of Shadows – Spoke of Shadows (Firepool Records, 2014)

This is a great progressive rock album that was nearly overlooked. Spoke of Shadows is a musical project developed by drummer Bill Bachman (Neal Morse, Michael Harris) and Warr guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Mark Cook (Herd of Instinct).

The music has connections with Herd of Instinct and modern King Crimson. You’ll hear technically proficient performances with powerful drums, memorable solos and the looping character of the Warr guitar; but what makes this collaboration more exciting is the fact that the musicians add classic symphonic progressive rock elements (particularly prog-era Genesis) to the mix, making this recording an absolute delight. Imagine modern King Crimson plus mellotron, synths and flutes.

The lineup on this album includes Bill Bachman on drums; Mark Cook on Warr guitar, mellotron, guitars, strings, ADG fretless bass, synthesizers, Rhodes, kaossilator, and organ; Tony Rohrbough on guitar; Bob Fisher on flute; Michael Harris on guitar; Gayle Ellett on mellotron and Rhodes; and Jeff Plant on fretless bass.


Spoke of Shadows masterfully bridges contemporary and classic progressive rock styles.

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