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The Changeable Guitars of Paweł Ignatowicz

Paweł Ignatowicz – Here and Now

Paweł Ignatowicz – Here and Now (Mother of Invention Records, 2017)

Here and Now is the new solo album by Paweł Ignatowicz, a Polish guitarist currently living in New York. Paweł Ignatowicz various forms of guitars, including acoustic, electric, guitar syntheziser and electric sitar.

The material on Here and Now consists of melodic, easy to listen jazz instrumentals with smooth jazz and fusion influences plus a little Indian and Latin music as well. The guitar is highlighted throughout the album, creating fascinating sounds, even though Ignatowicz’s stick’s to conventional melodies.

The lineup on Here and Now includes Paweł Ignatowicz on guitars, guitar synth and electric sitar; Julian Shore on piano, keyboards; Edward Perez on bass; Jonathan Singer on tabla; and Ferenc Nemeth on drums.

Best of Arthur Lipner

Arthur Lipner – Two Hands, One Heart, Best of Arthur Lipner

Arthur Lipner – Two Hands, One Heart, Best of Arthur Lipner (Malletworks Media, 2015)

Two Hands, One Heart is a double CD set by vibraphone and marimba virtuoso Arthur Lipner. Disc 1 contains acoustic tracks, while disc 2 features an electric set. Although Lipner ventures into straight ahead jazz on occasions, most of the material on this album falls into the smooth jazz category.

On some pieces, Lipner adds Caribbean steelpans, Brazilian rhythms and melodies, and Argentine tango.

The album is available from store.cdbaby.com/cd/arthurlipner