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Franky Valentyn’s Dream

The Franky Valentyn Project – All In A Dream

The Franky Valentyn Project – All In A Dream (The Franky Valentyn Project, 2015)

All In A Dream is an ambitious concept album with two distinct sets of tracks. The first two pieces are original symphonic rock instrumentals, deeply inspired by classical music, featuring lots of keyboards and orchestrations similar to Rick Wakeman’s earlier solo work. Franky Valentyn composed and arranged the music and plays the majority of the instruments featured here.

Tracks 3 through 6, on the other hand, sound like pop ballads, stylistically very different from the first two pieces.

Valentyn returns to symphonic rock mode on the final track, a long piece titled The Jovian Suite.

All In A Dream features several guests, including Ben Craven, Nikki Bennett and Michael Carr on vocals.

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