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Deep into the Dreamtime Zone

Steve Roach – Return To the Dreamtime (Timeroom Editions, 2018)

Thirty years after the seminal electronic music album Dreamtime Return (Fortuna Records, 1998), trailblazing synthesist Steve Roach has released a double album titled Return To the Dreamtime.

This recreation of the original music is an expanded version created and recorded live at the Galactic Center in Tucson, Arizona, on February 10, 2018.

The project came out after Roach remastered Dreamtime Return for the 30th anniversary. Roach wanted to magnify and present this music live for the first time since the early 1990s. In order to do this, Steve Roach had to locate the archived sounds, samples, and location recordings he made in 1987 and 1988. Thankfully, the files were still cataloged and warehoused in his studio.

Disc 1 begins with a mammoth Berlin-style, sequencer-based piece called “Towards the Dream.” After that, Steve Roach goes deep into the spellbinding dreamzone, incorporating marvelous soundscapes and tribal sounds featuring distant drums and aboriginal musical instruments like the didgeridoo.

Return To the Dreamtime is a masterful performance by the prolific Steve Roach, one of the great electronic music artists of our time.

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Tribal Minsdcapes

Steve Roach and Byron Metcalf – Tales from the Ultra Tribe (Projekt, 2013)

On Tales from the Ultra Tribe, electronic music maestro Steve Roach teams up with percussionist Byron Metcalf to produce a spellbinding set of timelessly crafted ambient music combined with electronic grooves and a wide assortment of acoustic percussion instruments: frame drums, rattles, clay pots and shakers.

This is a very long album with shape-shifting atmospheres and tribal drum beats; a perfect marriage between the technology of today and ancient shamanic sounds.

Steve Roach plays analog and digital hardware synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines, didgeridoo, eurorack analog modular hybrid grooves, ocarina & mega waterphone. Byron Metcalf plays frame drums, buffalo drum, bass and ceremonial drums, hybrid toms, udu and clay pots, rattles and shakers.

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