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Martin Turner Live At the Citadel

Martin Turner ex Wishbone Ash – The Beauty of Chaos: Live At the Citadel (Dirty Dog Discs, 2018)

A triple boxed set by bassist, singer and composer Martin Turner, one of the founders of the great British band Wishbone Ash.

The set includes two audio CDs with the ”Written in the Stars” album performed live in its entirety together with a selection of the best of Wishbone Ash. The DVD contains the videotaped performance plus interviews with Turner and members of the band.

The Beauty of Chaos features an excellent band. Wishbone Ash was known for its excellent dual electric guitar and bass interplay and this band doesn’t disappoint. Martin Turner’s vocals are not what they used to. Nevertheless, he delivers compelling performances of Wishbone Ash’s most memorable songs.

Throughout the album, there is superb guitar and bass work, along with the equally good drumming.

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Life Begins with Argus Revisited

Martin Turner – Life Begins

Martin Turner – Life Begins (Dirty Dog Discs/Cherry Red, 2016)

This great 3-disc live set by former Wishbone Ash bassist and vocalist Martin Turner contains two audio CDs and a DVD. Although the material included here was available at concerts, this is the first widely-available version of this collection.

Wishbone Ash became very popular in the 1970s after the release of their iconic album, Argus, now a classic rock. Martin Turner plays some of the most memorable songs from that era, featuring an outstanding mix of folk-rock, blues-rock, progressive leanings and hard rock.

As with Wishbone Ash, Turner uses two electric guitarists who treat the listener to wonderful interactions and solos.

The lineup includes Martin Turner on lead vocals and bass; Ray Hatfield on guitar and vocals; Danny Willson on guitar and vocals; and Dave Wagstaffe on drums.

The live performance was made in 2010 at the Y Theatre in Leicester.

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