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Podd Explores Cosmic Forces

Podd – Cosmic Forces (Holus Bolus Records, 2017)

Podd is a new high energy American progressive rock band. The four virtuoso musicians play instrumental music that incorporates classic progressive rock with frequent musical changes, dynamic jazz-rock fusion and classical influences.

Guitarist Peter Olsen put together Podd. He’s a talented guitarist who showcases a wide range of fascinating guitar sounds and techniques. His colleague Eric Olsen uses an arsenal of keyboards, with which he performs impressive synth solos and magnificent cathedral-style organ.

The formidable rhythm section provides and support and creative bass lines and drumming as well.

Personnel on Cosmic Forces: Peter Olsen on acoustic and electric guitars; Dejan Dejkoski on drums and percussion; Eric Olsen on keyboards; and Takashi Otsuka on bass.

Although the band has created its own sound, you’ll hear influences from Yes, Camel and Chick Corea.



On Cosmic Forces you’ll find some stellar individual playing as well as engaging instrumental interaction.

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