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The Colors of Life

Moon over Mountain – The Colors of Life

Moon over Mountain – The Colors of Life (Moon over Mountain, 2018)

Moon over Mountain is the project of Kenneth Lee Roberts and Megan Buness, a duo based in Colorado. Moon over Mountain plays a mix of melodic and symphonic electronic music combined with sound effects.

The Colors of Life is an appealing recording for fans of the melodic and evocative side of electronic music.

Transfixing Shamanic Trance Music from Byron Metcalf and Mark Seelig

Byron Metcalf and Mark Seelig – Persistent Visions

Byron Metcalf and Mark Seelig – Persistent Visions (Projekt Records, 2019)

Byron Metcalf and Mark Seelig deliver a spellbinding performance on Persistent Visions. The combination of bansuri flute, electronics and the mesmerizing beat of frame drums create a fascinating, relaxing effect.

Persistent Visions is presented in two versions. There is single long piece that is 01:11:03 long and the same musical piece broken into six individual “Visions.”

Byron Metcalf and Mark Seelig conceived Persistent Visions as a constant, uninterrupted listening experience that gradually evolves and builds with increasing rhythmic and energetic complexity.

Byron creates contemplative beats and patterns while Mark’s bamboo flute (bansuri) is rooted in two classic Indian ragas.

Under The Moon, 20th Anniversary Edition

Deborah Martin – Under The Moon

Deborah Martin – Under The Moon (Spotted Peccary Music, 2015)

Deborah Martin celebrated the 20th anniversary of her Under The Moon album with a remastered edition. The original album came out in 1995, when new age music was still a large niche business. Deborah Martin plays a very melodic form of instrumental music, where she combines electronics with acoustic instruments; classical, ambient and new age influences with southwestern American Indian elements.

Spotted Peccary Music mentioned in the press release that Deborah Martin is one of their best-selling artists. This is no surprise as her melodic, easy listening style crosses over into larger audiences.

Under The Moon was used significantly at the 1996 Olympic Games. Deborah Martin composed all the music and played acoustic guitar, synthesizers, Taos drums, percussion and vocals. Her guests include Tony Levin on bass; spoken word by Edgar Perry of the White Mountain Apache Eagle Clan in his native tongue; Howard Givens on ambient guitar; Jon Jenkins on Taos drums; Paul Lackey on additional keyboards and Native American flute; Jeff Moore on guitars; David Stile on guitars; Pau Waroff on 12-string guitar and Bow Watts on electric guitar.

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