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Perfect Era – Beneath the Clouds We Dream

Perfect Era – Beneath the Clouds We Dream

Perfect Era is a progressive rock band from Milford, CT in the US. They have debuted July 1st, with a powerful progressive album full of excellent guitar, drums and keyboards, set to exploring lyrics and dark stories. This band is already fit for prime time, and Beneath the Clouds We Dream, is a foundational testament to what this band can do and the future looks bright, right now. By the way…what an excellent title for an album. Despite the clouds and sadness, we dream.

The band is made up of Arnab Sengupta, on vocals; Todd Paskin, on guitars; Roger Bush, on keyboards; Don Beatrice, on bass; and Brian Hopkins, on drums.

This album kicks off with a powerful instrumental welcome titled, “A Different Time”. Deep, dark moody keys and flashing guitars highlighted with impactful drumming.

After a squeaky door opens, keyboards and guitars burst through with solid drumming to open “No Absence of Memory’s Glow”. We hear Arnab Sengupta’s first vocals. He sounds a little like James LaBrie, only with a much higher pitch to his vocals. The music is a good mix of Styx and Dream Theater. Yes, Sengupta’s vocals have some close similarities to Dennis De Young at times. The keyboards, effects, solid bass, guitars and drums create a symphonic imagery that will make you smile.

The piano opening to “No Needs to Explain” is melodic and a warm welcome. Sengupta’s vocals help expand the lyrics and storyline of each song. But this song is a highlight for one of his best vocal performances on the album. The deep bass and expert keyboards which finish the track stand out as some of the best playing on the album.

“Clandestine Worlds” is one of my album favorites. A dynamic cannonball of effects, keyboards, bass, guitars and drums. Simply Boston-like musicianship, from a new generation. The video they made to accompany the music is wonderful to watch.

“The Skyline Dream” is another of the best tracks on this album. It launches like a rocket off the platform with solid keys and effortlessly reaching guitars. Great bass and drum support, with Sengupta’s vocals laying out the story.

“Lost Again” is another powerful track of excellent lead guitar work, supported by bass, keyboards and well-placed drums.

“Tides Rush In” is a dream creating, closer at over nine minutes. “Will it be enough this time? What I’ve given is sublime. My mind opens wide. I stand there with perception, empowered by the winds…when the tides rush in”, Sengupta sings. Yes, I know what he means from watching many tides rush in, during stormy weather in the fall. The tides are wonderful and awe inspiring. You can find a lot of creative inspiration from the imagery. On this track, you can also hear a little more influence from Freddy Mercury in Sengupta’s voice. The keyboards really stand out on this track. But the guitar work and drumming support the music very well.

This is a very solid debut that I think any band would be proud to produce. I really enjoyed the creativity and deep lyrics, along with the power of their sound. Give this band a try, with this solid debut. You will not be dismayed.


  1. A Different Time – 1:36
  2. No Absence of Memory’s Glow – 7:36
  3. No Needs to Explain – 4:27
  4. Clandestine Worlds – 6:32
  5. The Skyline Dream – 8:26
  6. Lost Again – 5:07
  7. Tides Rush In – 9:05

Perfect Era – “Clandestine Worlds”