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Stratus Luna, Rising stars of Progressive Rock

Stratus Luna – Stratus Luna (Music Magick /Moonjune, 2019)

One of the great surprises of the year in the progressive music area is Brazilian band Stratus Luna. This young, new generation progressive rock band from Sao Paulo has released a superb self-titled debut album.  Stratus Luna features talented musicians 20 to 17 years old.

The music on Stratus Luna is masterfully-constructed and the performances are equally good. Although the foundation is classic instrumental progressive rock with echoes of Camel and Pink Floyd, Stratus Luna also incorporates psychedelia, jazz and world music influences in the form of Brazilian and Indian music.

The band members include Gustavo Santhiago (20) on keyboards, flutes and sitar; Ricardo Santhiago (21) on guitars; Gabriel Golfetti (18) on bass and keyboards; and Giovanni Lenti (17) on drums and percussion.