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A Master of Surf Guitar

Kepa Härkönen – Spicy Tales & Spicy Tones

Kepa Härkönen – Spicy Tales & Spicy Tones (Ramasound, 2018)

Finnish guitarist Kepa Härkönen is deeply influenced by surf guitar, Spaghetti western film soundtracks, blues, Cuban rumba and Mexican music. Spicy Tales & Spicy Tones contains a set of well-crafted instrumental guitar pieces that should appeal to the surf guitar fans.

Additionally, you’ll find influences from Cuban guitarist Manuel Galbán who bridged Cuban traditional music and surf sounds.  

The lineup includes Kepa Härkönen on guitars, Daniel Hjerppe on drums, percussion and synthesizers; Robban Hagnäs on bass; Pekka Gröhn on keyboards and bass; and Olli Tuomainen on flute.

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