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The Flower Kings Reveal New Studio Album ‘Waiting For Miracles’

Acclaimed progressive rock band The Flower Kings has announced the release of a new studio double album titled ‘Waiting For Miracles.’ Set for release November 8th, 2019, the album includes 15 new tracks, recorded over the summer at RMV studio in Stockholm, Sweden, a vintage studio space owned by ABBA star Benny Andersson.

Band leader Roine Stolt said: “We have gone back to the joyful and playful style that made the band famous in the late 90s. So here ‘more’ is always ‘more’! At time the lyrics have a bit of a serious concern about the state of our world, but overall the theme is full of joy and color.”

The Flower Kings – Waiting For Miracles

The current The Flower Kings lineup includes Roine Stolt, Jonas Reingold, Hasse Fröberg, Zach Kamins and Mirko DeMaio (the most recent live line-up).

The album will be released as a 2CD, Gatefold 2LP + 2CD & as digital album, featuring stunning artwork by American artist Kevin Sloan.

Disc 1:
1.House Of Cards
2.Black Flag
3.Miracles For America
5.The Bridge
6.Ascending To The Stars
7.Wicked Old Symphony
8.The Rebel Circus
9.Sleep With The Enemy
10.The Crowning Of Greed

Disc 2:
1.House Of Cards Reprise
4.We Were Always Here
5.Busking At Brobank

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The Flower Kings in 2019

The Flower Kings started as a conduit for Swedish guitarist, singer and composer Roine Stolt in 1994. It was a time when a third generation of progressive rock artists appeared in the international scene.

The first album was a solo effort. On “The Flower King” (1994) Roine played all instruments except for drums and the project was a self-produced/self-financed endeavor quickly pushed the Swedish guitarist into international progressive rock stardom.

Stolt formed a touring band to present the album. He recruited two musicians who had participated in “The Flower King” album: Jaime Salazar on drums, and Hasse Fröberg on vocals. Two additional musicians joined the band, Stolt’s brother Michael on bass and Tomas Bodin on keyboards.

The Flower Kings released a series of successful albums as a band and quickly gained popularity in progressive rock circles and was one of a small set of bands helping to revive the progressive rock scene worldwide.

Two boxed sets compiled The Flower Kings’ extensive discography: A Kingdom of Colours: The Complete Collection From 1995 To 2002, released in 2017; and A Kingdom of Colours II: The Complete Collection From 2004 To 2013, that came out in 2018.

In 2018, Roine Stolt released Manifesto of an Alchemist as Roine Stolt’s The Flower Kings.

The Flower Kings got back together in 2019. The 2019 lineup included Roine Stolt on guitars and vocals; Hasse Froberg on vocals and guitar; Jonas Reingold on bass; Zach Kamins on keyboards; and Mirko Demaio on drums.


Back in the World of Adventures (Foxtrot Records, 1995)
Retropolis (Foxtrot Records, 1996)
Stardust We Are (Foxtrot Records, 1997)
Flower Power (Foxtrot Records, 1999)
Space Revolver (Inside Out Music, 2000)
Alive on Planet Earth, live (Inside Out Music,2000)
The Rainmaker (Inside Out Music, 2001)
Unfold the Future (Inside Out Music, 2002)
Meet the Flower Kings, live (Inside Out Music, 2003)
Adam & Eve (Inside Out Music, 2004)
Paradox Hotel (Inside Out Music, 2006)
Instant DeLIVEry, live (Inside Out Music, 2006)
The Sum of No Evil (Inside Out Music, 2007)
Tour Kaputt, live (Inside Out Music, 2011)
Banks of Eden (Inside Out Music, 2012)
Desolation Rose (Inside Out Music, 2013)
A Kingdom of Colours: The Complete Collection From 1995 To 2002, boxed set (2017)
A Kingdom of Colours II: The Complete Collection From 2004 To 2013, boxed set (2018)
Manifesto of an Alchemist (Inside Out Music, 2018)
Waiting for Miracles (Inside Out Music, 2019)

The Flower Kings Announce Second Boxed Set: ‘A Kingdom of Colours 2 (2004 – 2013)’

Acclaimed Swedish progressive rock band The Flower Kings has a new boxed set titled A Kingdom of Colours 2 (2004 – 2013). The new anthology includes the albums from ‘Adam & Eve’ to ‘Desolation Rose’ and also contains 3 discs of bonus material dating back from 1995.

This new collection is a follow-up to ‘A Kingdom of Colours (1995-2002)’ released late last year, that covered the period starting with ‘Back in the World of Adventures’ to ‘Unfold the Future’ over the course of 10 discs.

Full track-listing for the boxed set:

Adam & Eve
1 Love Supreme 19:50
2 Cosmic Circus 3:00
3 Babylon 2:41
4 A Vampires View 8:50
5 Days Gone By 1:10
6 Adam & Eve 7:50
7 Starlight Man 3:30
8 Timelines 7:40
9 Drivers Seat 18:22
10 The Blade of Cain 5:00

Paradox Hotel

1 Check In 1:37
2 Monsters & Men 21:21
3 Jealousy 3:22
4 Hit Me With a Hit 5:32
5 Pioneers of Aviation 7:49
6 Lucy Had a Dream 5:28
7 Bavarian Skies 6:34
8 Selfconsuming Fire 5:49
9 Mommy Leave the Light On 4:38
10 End on a High Note 10:43

1 Minor Giant Steps 12:13
2 Touch My Heaven 6:09
3 The Unorthodox Dancinglesson 5:23
4 Man of the World 5:59
5 Life Will Kill You 7:02
6 The Way the Waters Are Moving 3:11
7 What If God Is Alone 7:00
8 Paradox Hotel 6:30
9 Blue Planet 9:43

The Sum of No Evil

1 One More Time 13:04
2 Love Is the Only Answer 24:28
3 Trading My Soul 6:25
4 The Sum of No Reason 13:25
5 Flight 999 Brimstone Air 5:00
6 Life in Motion 12:34

Banks Of Eden

1 Numbers 25:20
2 For the Love of Gold 7:30
3 Pandemonium 6:05
4 For Those About to Drown 6:50
5 Rising the Imperial 7:40

Desolation Rose

1 Tower One 13:37
2 Sleeping Bones 4:16
3 Desolation Road 4:00
4 White Tuxedos 6:30
5 The Resurrected Judas 8:24
6 The Silent Masses 6:17
7 Last Carnivore 4:22
8 Dark Fascist Skies 6:05
9 Blood of Eden 3:12
10 Silent Graveyards 2:52

Bonus Disc 1

1 Kite 07:32
2 Buffalo Man 05:28
3 The Flower King (re-recording 1998) 11:46
4 Stardust We Are (re-recording 1998) 08:57
5 Last Exit 09:17
6 Brazilian Woman 04:18
7 Dexter Frank Jr. 02:24
8 Agent Supreme 02:34
9 Space Traveller 13:10

Bonus Disc 2

1 Petit Heritage 02:02
2 A Good Heart 05:21
3 The Crown and The Cross 04:54
4 King of Grief 03:51
5 She Carved Me a Wooden Heart 05:59
6 Space Revolver 07:33
7 Jupiter Backwards 06:25
8 The River 05:43
9 Turn The Stone 05:07
10 Regal Divers 06:01

Bonus Disc 3

1 Illuminati 06:20
2 Fireghosts 05:50
3 Going Up 05:10
4 LoLines 04:40
5 Runaway Train 04:41
6 Interstellar Visitations 08:24
7 Lazy Monkey 02:25
8 Psalm 2013 02:10
9 The Wailing Wall 03:18
10 Badbeats 05:24
11 Burning Spears 03:15
12 The Final Era 02:57

Buy A Kingdom of Colours 2 (2004 – 2013)

Anderson & Stolt Release ‘Know’ Video

Jon Anderson
Jon Anderson


Anderson/Stolt, the collaboration between Jon Anderson (Yes) and Roine Stolt (Kaipa, (The Flower Kings, Transatlantic), have released a new music video titled ‘Know’. The song appears in the duo’s acclaimed first album, ‘Invention of Knowledge‘ (InsideOut Music). The video was created by Jon’s daughter, photographer Deborah Anderson.


Jon Anderson & Roine Stolt - Invention of Knowledge
Jon Anderson & Roine Stolt – Invention of Knowledge


Jon Anderson recently picked up the Prog God award, presented to him by Rick Wakeman and Trevor Rabin of ARW at the Progressive Music Awards 2016 in London.