Influential Uruguayan Drummer Osvaldo Fattoruso Dies at 64

Osvaldo Fattoruso
Legendary Uruguayan rock and jazz drummer Osvaldo Fattoruso died this morning in Montevideo of cancer. He was 64.

Jorge Osvaldo Fattoruso was born May 12th, 1948 in Montevideo, Uruguay. He was one of the founders of rock band Los Shakers in the 1960s, which introduced rock music to Latin America. The band featured Osvaldo on vocals and guitar, his brother Hugo also on vocals and guitar, Roberto Capobianco on bass and Carlos Villa on drums.

In 1969 Osvaldo relocated to the United States. In 1970, Osvaldo and Hugo became Airto Moreira and Flora Purim’s backing band, appearing on several of their early to mid-1970s albums.

It was seminal band Opa, however, which got Osvaldo Fattoruso international recognition. Osvaldo formed Opa, together with his brother Hugo and Ringo Thielmann. Opa was a legendary fusion band that combined rock, jazz and Latin American rhythms such as Afro-Uruguayan candombe as well as Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian beats. Osvaldo Fattoruso became Opa’s drummer. Opa signed to Milestone in 1976 and recorded two albums produced by Airto Moreira, Goldenwings in 1976 and Magic Time in 1977.

Osvaldo Fattoruso returned to Uruguay in 1981 and moved to Buenos Aires (Argwetina) in 1982, where he worked with some of the leading rock musicians of the time, including Litto Nebbia, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Alejandro Lerner, León Gieco, Fito Páez and his fellow Uruguayan Rubén Rada.

During the 1990s, Osvaldo worked with Uruguayan artist Mariana Ingold, with whom he released over a dozen albums.

In 2000, Osvaldo, his bother Hugo and his nephew Francisco (Hugo’s son) formed the new Trío Fattoruso.

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  1. Thousand moods of new “candombe” beats and styles actually being played at Montevideo pays tribute in one way or another to this master´s innovations SALU OSVALDO !!!

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