Best Progressive Rock Keyboardist in 2014 Poll

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Our new poll for October is Best Progressive Rock Keyboardist in 2014. This refers to keyboardists who are currently active rather than the semi-retired masters form the 1970s. The poll will run until the end of the month. Multiple selections are available.


71 thoughts on “Best Progressive Rock Keyboardist in 2014 Poll”

  1. Why no Rob Cottingham? TOUCHSTONE are arguably the best breakthrough Prog band of recent years.

  2. Nice list but they are unfortunately some missing:
    ok I love Tony Banks, but he seems to be considered as semi-retired,
    but what about Geoffrey DOWNES (Buggles) ? is he not still performing with Asia (and Yes) ?
    or what about Jim GILMOUR still playing with Saga (not mentioning Michael Sadler playing the keyboards also).
    Even Manfred MANN, I believe he still performs with his new earth band.
    Finally Rick WAKEMAN is also still performing, or no ?

  3. Voted for Jason Hart 😉
    But where the hell is Tarasconi from Unreal City!? I’ve seen them in Québec last May, they’re absolutely AMAZING!

  4. I think a great keyboardist is missing: Oscar Mazzoglio, one out of two historical keyboardist of Locanda delle Fate, still active in the current line up of the band.

  5. Kevin Moore shouldn’t be in this list. Kevin Moore is beyond lists and internet polls. This is blasphemy.

  6. Where is Symphony X’s Michael Pinnella? If Jordan Rudess is in the list, Michael Pinnella has to be there. Cause the real competition is between these two.

  7. I would like to be considered next time thank you.
    I am on Reverbnation, Facebook and iTunes.

  8. Although Jordan Rudess is my favourite, I think Joost van den Broek should be in this list as well. If anyone’s listened to any Ayreon and Star One, you’ll know how absolutely amazing he is as well.

  9. Oh, I understand! Keith Emerson and Rick Wakeman are not included in this poll because THEY ARE GODS! Nice! I vote Jordan Rudess

  10. Hey vote for Christopher Buzby he is the best piano player ever vote for him please please please please!!!!!‼️‼️‼️

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