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Shunzo Ohno - ReNew (Pulsebeats, 2015)
Shunzo Ohno – ReNew (Pulsebeats, 2015)

Japanese musician and composer Shunzo Ohno is one of the finest trumpeters in the current jazz scene. ReNew showcases his versatility with a set of modern jazz combined with funk and world music elements. The album features notable performances by Ohno and his colleagues. It’s dedicated to the people of Northern Japan and Nepal who are recovering from natural disasters.

Highlights include “Musashi” where Ohno injects funk, global percussion, spoken word, and electronic processed trumpet. Another high point is “Tairo Bushi”, a folk song from northern Japan. This piece includes Indian tabla, a synth solo and Ohno’s trumpet delivering a Japanese folk melody.

Another high spot is “First Step.” This is the classic jazz piece where practically every musicians gets his noteworthy solo. Ohno uses various trumpet techniques. The electronic processed trumpet is especially mesmerizing.

Lastly, another great track is the final composition, “ReNew Reprise”. It’s a slow tempo piece with a wonderful mix of trumpet, cello global percussion.

The lineup on ReNew includes Shunzo Ohno on trumpet; Buster Williams on bass; Billy Drummond on drums; Cyro Baptista on percussion; Jerome Jennings on drums; Ray Spiegel on tabla; Clifford Carter on keyboards; Ed Howard on bass; David Berkman on piano; Sasha Ono on cello; Paul Bollenback on guitar; Jerome Jennings on drums; Ira Coleman on bass; and George Yamazawa on spoken word.

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