The Roadmap in Your Head

Spirits Burning & Clearlight – “The Roadmap in Your Head” (Gonzo Multimedia, 2016)

The Roadmap in Your Head is a space rock fest featuring the Spirits Burning collective and progressive electronic music pioneer Clearlight. The overall result is a fabulous mix of electronic music, rock, psychedelia, jazz and even world music influences. At times, the musicians venture into intense space and electronic music. On other parts of the album, the musicians gradually drift towards jazz, trance-like progressive rock and global sounds.

Clearlight is keyboardist and composer Cyrille Verdeaux, who released iconic albums in the 1970s. Spirits Burning is an impressive gathering of musicians who have played with the leading progressive psychedelic and space rock bands: Gong and Hawkwind, as well as other acclaimed space rock outfits.

The lineup is extensive and looks like a dream team wishlist: Cyrille “Clearlight” Verdeaux; the late Daevid Allen; Steve Hillage; Mike Howlett; Didier Malherbe; Ian East; Fabio Golfetti; Dave Sturt; Kavus Torabi; Don Falcone; Paul Booth; Theo Travis; Judy Dyble; Jonathan Segel; Steve Bemand; Nik Turner; Bridget Wishart; Albert Bouchard and many more.

“The Roadmap In Your Head” was mastered by renowned ambient electronic music keyboardist Robert Rich.

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