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A Hypnotic Trip from Sonora Sunrise

Sonora Sunrise – The Route through the Canyon (Trail Records, 2019)

The Route through the Canyon is an album by Russian progressive music band Sonora Sunrise. They are based in Altai, a mystical land in southern Siberia with olden mountains where you still find ancient shamanic rites.

Sonora Sunrise – The Route through the Canyon

The culture and wilderness of Altai inspires Sonora Sunrise. Their music is a superb mix of progressive rock, psychedelia, space rock along with ambient and Berlin-school electronic music. It is a spellbinding sound developed with electric guitars, effects, soundscapes, vintage analog synths from the Soviet Era, and a rhythm section.

Sonora Sunrise includes Artem Demidov on guitars, soundscapes; Dmitry Shershnev on keyboards, guitar; Alexey Shulepov on bass; and Vitaliy Khard on drums. Vocalist Katya Zlobina appears on various The Route through the Canyon tracks, delivering entrancing performances.

Mesmeric Space Rock from The Spacious Mind

The Spacious Mind – The Drifter (Trail Records TR-020, 2018)

Trail Records never fails to deliver the good stuff. The Drifter is a collection of tracks by the fabulous psychedelic progressive rock band The Spacious Mind, from Sweden.

The Spacious Mind recreates the enchanting atmosphere of progressive psychedelia generated by Echoes-era Pink Floyd, with a boatload of acid guitars, vintage keyboards, spellbinding effects and modern electronic sounds.

The material on The Drifter includes tracks from the late 1990s through the mid-2000s. Great stuff indeed.

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Riveting Pelagos

Pelagos – Revolve (Svart Records, 2018)

Pelagos is a fantastic band from southwestern Finland, whose members evolved and progressed from heavy metal towards mesmerizing electronic sounds.

The band plays a mix of absorbing psychedelic space rock, dreamy harmonies,processed vocals, and forward looking trippy electronica.

The highlights of the album are the spellbinding Aphrodite’s Shore, Muted Stars and the fabulous closing track Embryo.

Revolve will be available in June. You can preorder here: www.svartrecords.com/product/revolve-4/#

Breathtaking Static

Dave Kerzner – Static

Dave Kerzner – Static (Dave Kerzner, 2017)

Static is an indie progressive rock project by keyboardist Dave Kerzner. It’s a concept album about the disruptions and disorder in ordinary life and about passing through this “static interference” in our minds towards the goal of lucidity and joy.

The majority of the album contains beautifully-crafted progressive rock with vocal and guitar echoes of David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Steven Wilson and prog rock classic acts plus forward-thinking arrangements that bring together space rock, sound effects and electronics.

As indicated, the majority of the album is highly enjoyable state-of-the-art progressive rock. I would skip tracks 5 and 6, which stray away from the progressive rock vibe and head towards catchy pop. The remainder of the album includes all there is to like about progressive rock: majestic mellotron, memorable synth and guitar solos, exquisite cello, long epics and grand finales.

But there is more, Static features the great Steve Hackett, a musician that deserves an award for his talent and generosity, appearing as guest on numerous progressive rock albums. And Kerzner also used the rising star of prog rock artwork, Ed Unitsky.

The lineup on Static includes Dave Kerzner on vocals, keyboards and guitar; Fernando Perdomo on guitar, bass and drums; Randy McStine on guitar, effects and backing vocals; Derek Cintron on drums; Durga and Lorelei McBroom on backing vocals.

Guests: Steve Hackett on guitar; Matt Dorsey on bass and backing vocals; Nick Mason on drums; Colin Edwin on bass; Ewa Karolina Lewowska on backing vocals; Chris Johnson on guitar; Stuart Fletcher on bass; Alex Cromarty on drums; Ruti Celi on cello; and Nick D’Virgilio on drums.




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Absorbing Psychedelic Shapes

Quantum Fantay – Tessellation of Euclidean Space (Progressive Promotion Records PPRCD 051, 2017)

Belgian band Quantum Fantay continues to charm with its captivating mix of progressive rock, psychedelic music, electronica and reggae beats. Influences range from Ozric Tentacles to Pink Floyd.

The lineup includes Pete Mush on synthesizers and bubbles (effects); Jaro on bass; Gino Bartonili on drums; Jorinde on flute; Tom Tee on guitars; and Nette Willox on saxophone.

Tessellation of Euclidean Space is masterfully-crafted album by one of the leading progressive psychedelic rock bands of our time.

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Omega, the Essential Rock Band from Hungary

Omega – Anthology 1968-1979 (Purple Pyramid Records, 2017)

This anthology is a great opportunity to discover the great Hungarian rock band Omega. Anthology 1968-1979 includes two discs. Disc 1 focuses on the 1960s. At that time, the band was still trying to find its way. Their songs were short and more pop oriented although there are glimpses of the good things to come in the future, in a few songs where you can hear psychedelic elements, blues rock, and mellotron sounds similar to the Moody Blues.

Disc 2 gets to the really good stuff. In the mid-1970s, Omega were deeply influenced by the space rock strain of progressive rock, especially bands like Pink Floyd and Germany’s Eloy. While the guitars and the heavily processed vocals are clearly on the space rock spectrum, the keyboards had a symphonic rock quality along with electronic music excursions.

Omega were very prolific in the 1970s and released albums in Hungarian as well as versions in English for the international market and even one album in German. If this compilation attracts your attention, you should look for the solidly progressive rock albums released by Omega. Begin with Time Robber and Skyrover.

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Space Rock Guitar Excursions

Alan J Bound – Deep Space – The Alan J. Bound Retrospective 2005 to 2014

Alan J Bound – Deep Space – The Alan J. Bound Retrospective 2005 to 2014 (Bound Productions, 2015)

This collection includes material from guitarist Alan J Bound’s earlier recordings. There are tracks from his 2010 Cosmology album as remixes of earlier material.

Alan J Bound lives in Cologne, Germany. He’s deeply influenced by British and German psychedelic and space rock. All the pieces are instrumental, featuring drums, bass, and synths and Bound delivering multiple solos. The pieces vary from instrumental progressive rock with heavy beats and blues progressions to dreamy, trippy laid back guitar sounds.

Jaki Liebezeit, former drummer of legendary German band Can appears on several of the pieces.

Alan J. Bound’s debut album was Blue Moon (2004). Next came, Moonglider (2006). His last album was Cosmology (2010).

The lineup on Deep Space includes Alan J. Bound on guitars and synths; Jaki Liebezeit on drums; Janusz Korzen on drums; H.T. on bass; and Omar Ibrahim on bass.

The Roadmap in Your Head

Spirits Burning & Clearlight – “The Roadmap in Your Head” (Gonzo Multimedia, 2016)

The Roadmap in Your Head is a space rock fest featuring the Spirits Burning collective and progressive electronic music pioneer Clearlight. The overall result is a fabulous mix of electronic music, rock, psychedelia, jazz and even world music influences. At times, the musicians venture into intense space and electronic music. On other parts of the album, the musicians gradually drift towards jazz, trance-like progressive rock and global sounds.

Clearlight is keyboardist and composer Cyrille Verdeaux, who released iconic albums in the 1970s. Spirits Burning is an impressive gathering of musicians who have played with the leading progressive psychedelic and space rock bands: Gong and Hawkwind, as well as other acclaimed space rock outfits.

The lineup is extensive and looks like a dream team wishlist: Cyrille “Clearlight” Verdeaux; the late Daevid Allen; Steve Hillage; Mike Howlett; Didier Malherbe; Ian East; Fabio Golfetti; Dave Sturt; Kavus Torabi; Don Falcone; Paul Booth; Theo Travis; Judy Dyble; Jonathan Segel; Steve Bemand; Nik Turner; Bridget Wishart; Albert Bouchard and many more.

“The Roadmap In Your Head” was mastered by renowned ambient electronic music keyboardist Robert Rich.

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Pink Floyd Records to Reintroduce More Vinyl Reissues

Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother
Pink Floyd – Atom Heart Mother

Pink Floyd Records has announced the reintroduction ‘Atom Heart Mother’, ‘Meddle’ and ‘Obscured By Clouds’ on vinyl. The three albums have been remastered from the original analog master tapes and will be released on September 23rd, 2016. ‘The Wall’ and ‘The Division Bell’ are also back in stock on vinyl from August 26th.

Pink Floyd followed their 1960s albums with their fifth studio album, 1970’s ‘Atom Heart Mother’ featuring the classic lineup of Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright and Nick Mason plus an orchestra. The LP went on to become the band’s first UK No.1 record.

In a short break from touring ‘Atom Heart Mother’, in 1971, Pink Floyd released the progressive psychedelic album, ‘Meddle’. The album included the epic 23-minute track Echoesthat occupied the entirety of the B-side of the record.

Pink Floyd’s seventh album ‘Obscured By Clouds’ was originally recorded as the soundtrack to the French film ‘La Vallée’ but it was eventually released as a standalone album in 1972.

Absorbing Turkish Space Rock

Siddhartha – Trip to Innerself (Trail Records, 2012)

This edition of Siddhartha’s Trip to Innerself is a remastered version of the album originally released in 1999. Siddhartha was an excellent Turkish psychedelic progressive rock band deeply inspired by Echoes-era Pink Floyd, German space rock band Eloy and Middle Eastern melodies.

On Trip to Innerself you’ll find structured epic pieces along with absorbing space rock jams and acoustic ballads featuring classical-style guitars. In addition to the original material, Trip to Innerself includes a bonus track.

The lineup included Özgür Kurcan on vocals, guitars; Ege Madra on guitars; Ulas Akin on bass; Volkan Yildirim on keyboards; Orkun Öker on keyboards; and Kaan Sezgin on drums.

Guests featured: Nil Karaibrahimgil on vocals; Kerem Özyegen on vocals; Neslihan Engin on keyboards; Berke Özcan on percussion; and Serkan Yilmaz on percussion.

This re-edition is dedicated to band member Özgür Kurcan who passed away in 2011.

Siddhartha was worth re-discovering. It’s fabulous album that will appeal to fans of the progressive rock side of psychedelia.

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